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10 Fresh Workout Trends to Maintain Fitness

Over the years, most of us have heard about multiple fitness trends like Pilates, Zumba, Power Yoga and more. These are effective fitness training methods and provide excellent results if you are consistent. However, Australia is a fitness-loving nation with an industry size of 1.9 billion, and its users constantly seek fresh workout trends to try and maintain fitness. If you are among them, check out the list of 10 new and modern exercise techniques you can try now.


Bokwa – Dance, Fitness & Fun

If you are bored of other dance exercise routines and need something fresh, try Bowka. It is a dance-inspired fitness workout with simple steps, no choreography and ultimate fun. This workout combines African dance moves with peppy music. You will get a feel of culture while doing it.


Cycling with Virtual Reality

Dream of exercising in scenic locations? Make that dream come true and lose extra pounds. Try virtual reality cycling, where you can peddle Infront of a large projector screen. Many modern gyms are installing indoor screens to help people train with views of the best cities, beaches, or any other place.


TRX Suspension Training

Don’t want to spend hundreds on dollars on exercise equipment? All you need are suspension bands, and you can work out in the park, bedroom, on the go or anywhere else! You can train like navy personnel with high-tension workouts using the TRX Suspension Training.


Ground Quidditch

Yes, you can play quidditch like Harry Potter but on the ground. You need a broom, and all the same rules apply to the game. Most people play the sport for fitness while having silly fun and entrainment. If you are a Potterhead, this workout will give you immense pleasure.


Extreme Obstacle Race

Gone are the days of training hard with hurdle racing. If you want to give yourself a challenge and think you are fit enough to tackle any difficulty, find an extreme obstacle race near you.


Run Backward

Find normal running boring? Challenge yourself by running backwards. Researches show it is good for strengthening leg muscles and working on your back and shoulders. Therefore, if you want to run backward, give it a go.



Mix cycling and karaoke to workout in a fun and entertaining manner. Cyclaoke is the latest fad of the fitness industry, and you must try it to make your fitness journey entertaining.


Antigravity Yoga

If you are into Yoga and want to try the new Antigravity Yoga, now is the best time. This method works because you are suspended in the air with a silk hammock and exercise off the ground.


Man V/S Horse Marathon

Don’t want to compete with humans? Test your endurance and speed against a horse. It is a test of your strength. Only three humans in history have won the race, but that shouldn’t discourage you from discovering your potential. To know more, read on.


Street Workouts

Find gyming boring and no fun? Take your workouts to the street. Perform pull up and push-ups using the monkey bars or the pavements. Use Park benches for jumping over obstacles or bench pressing. You can also visit playgrounds to do various exercises in a fun way in the open air.


Why Focus on Fitness?

Since ancient times the importance of exercising has been highlighted. Maintaining fitness is a great way to live a healthier life. Focusing on fitness has multiple benefits, some of which are listed below.

  • Improves your cognitive skills and is good for the brain
  • Helps manage a healthy weight. Remember, exercise is not only good for losing weight. It is necessary for gaining a healthy weight as well.
  • Decrease the risk of diseases as exercising boosts immunity
  • Exercising is for everyone, irrespective of age and gender.
  • Strengthen bones and muscles, making you better at physical activities
  • Prevent the onset of cancers, BP issues, heart ailments and more


The Bottom Line

Fitness should be a part of your daily life. You must exercise and eat healthily to remain in the best shape. Thus, if you are bored with existing workout methods, explore the 10 fresh workout trends to maintain fitness. Also, learn more about fitness & health to gain valuable insights.

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