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Tips to Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

With a surge in obesity-linked disorders in Brisbane such as hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments and orthopaedic conditions, there has lately been a rise in awareness concerning maintaining an active lifestyle and a healthy body weight. It is imperative not only to achieve an ideal body weight but also to support it forever. Weight loss, contrary to popular belief, is not just associated with diet control, but it’s an array of factors that control fat metabolism and ascertain the body weight. Hence, it’s vital to learn about benefits of active lifestyle and what works best for your body before starting your quest for fitness so that you don’t have to struggle with the rebound.

How Weight Loss Enhance Your Health 

Prevent higher triglycerides

Prevent High blood pressure

Minimum risk of heart disease

Enhanced mobility and less pain

Better mood

The Most Practical Ways to Stay Fit

Avoid fad diets – It’s a recent trend to follow diet plans that have been glorified by the celebrities, models and prominent personalities. Fad diets like ketone, liquid diet, GM diet etc., are practised by numerous individuals in a bid to shed the excessive body fat quickly and noticeably. However, following them blindly may lead to grave complications like ketosis, kidney failure and various metabolic diseases. Instead, opting for a meticulously formatted diet chart by qualified personnel works better. About 65% of dieters regain their lost weight within 3 years, according to research by the University of Pennsylvania. You don’t want to be one of those. Do you?

Strength exercises – Weight loss is 70% about the right kind of diet and 30% about training. Other than the numerous ways to keep active in Brisbane, there are four types of workouts you may choose from:

  • Aerobic exercise
  • Strength Training
  • Balance Exercise
  • Flexibility/Stretching Exercise

You need to curate the intensity and magnitude of your workout according to your needs. Lifting those pounds in the gym help you develop your core strength while increasing the muscle mass and permanently so. Strength training twice a week for an hour is enough to keep you fit.

Record your diet – Who knew that adding record keeping to your routine could help you fulfill your dream of keeping those body-shaming eyes away forever? Well, pondering over the amount and quality of food you had during the day essentially keeps you aware of the mistakes you’ve been making and devise actions to keep yourself motivated.

Limit the portion size – It’s simple. Just follow the rule of 3. Don’t dine out for more than three times a week. Also, whenever you find yourself in the middle of a situation wherein you struggle to keep yourself from drooling over your favourite dish, stick to small portions. Eating small quantities never hurts. It keeps your metabolism up and roaring!

Add vegetables and fruits to your diet – Never underestimate the importance of flavonoid-rich foods in aiding you to reach your goal weight. Flavonoids not only help you ward off inflammation but also this naturally-occurring compound present in plant sources enhance the nutritional absorption thus keeping you full for a longer time.

Never skip breakfast – It does make a whole world of difference to have your breakfast plates full of healthful components. Keeping you energised during the day, breakfast encourages you to refrain from overeating and overindulging in unhealthy foods. It is a great way to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Tips for people dealing with emotional issues related to weight loss:

  • Don’t get too caught up in the body mass index chart. It’s just an indicator, not the final word on fitness.
  • Weigh yourself less frequently.
  • Use a scale that can show your weight in kilogrammes or stones to help eliminate any mental associations you have with pounds.
  • Work with a friend to hold yourself accountable and to make the weight loss process more enjoyable.


Chuck the misconceptions you’ve been living with till now. Embark on an exciting weight loss journey and never look back.

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