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Health Guide: Useful Tips to Curb Your Sugar Cravings

Staying fit and healthy has become the need of the hour. People across Brisbane and other parts of Queensland are heading towards gyms and fitness centres to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

However, it is important to understand that maintaining a healthy weight is a combination of workout and balanced diet. Spending hours in the gym won’t keep you lose extra kilos. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet is crucial.

Unfortunately, people on their weight loss journey often struggle to curb their sugar cravings. This can hinder the process and may cause weight gain and other serious problems such as heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Consuming sugar is like a poison that will slowly and steadily damage your body. So, here are some useful tips and tricks to help fight sugar cravings and help you stay stringent in your health and fitness journey.

Let’s Get Started!

1. Eat Protein-Rich Breakfast

Sugar-based foods and carbohydrates spike insulin levels in your bloodstream and may cause chronic symptoms.  When your blood sugar drops in an hour, you will again crave for the sugar intake.

So, it is always good to start your day off with protein rich breakfast. Eat eggs, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and smoothie. Protein is one of the key nutrients to give you energy while managing your blood sugar levels. People who eat eggs in the morning have fewer sugar cravings.

2. Get Rid of Temptation

This may sound simple, but getting rid of favourite foods like chocolates, cookies, cakes, waffles, etc is the most difficult tasks. However, doing this can help reduce your cravings to a great extend.

You can try this hack for your spouse or any other family member. It is good to store such food items out of their sight. In fact, you can keep healthier snacks like nuts and fruits within their reach.

3. Eat a bit of Your Favourite Dessert and Enjoy

You can eat a little of what you are craving, such as a candy bar or a small cookie to satiate your sugar pangs.  Enjoying a little of what you love is a good way. But make sure you do not consume more than 150 calorie threshold. If you don’t find a small serving size, share it with your family or friends.

Tip: Do this once or twice a month if you have a huge craving encounter which is affecting your health.

4. Opt for Healthy Alternatives

Dieticians in Brisbane allow you to eat sweet dishes however with a healthy twist. This means you can replace unhealthy sugar food items with healthy ones, such as:

  • Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Blueberries

You can prepare a frozen fruit bar without adding artificial sugar.  You can also have a naturally sweet hot tea like peppermint, cinnamon and raspberry or use maple syrup in your pancakes. So, adopt this healthy habit and change your life.

5. Improve Your Sleep Quality

Renowned researchers found that poor sleep can increase the sugar cravings. You may feel the urge to eat something sweet if you wake up late at night. So, make a habit and sleep on time.

Wrapping up

These are some of the best ways to curb your sugar cravings. You can find more information on health and fitness in Brisbane to monitor your healthy weight journey in the most efficient way.

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